Feeder Matrix: Vickie Wooden Helps Her Team Recruit

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Why does Vickie Wooden help her Feeder Matrix team recruit?

Hi,   My name is Vickie Wooden.  I have been involved with Feeder Matrix for less than a month , and I can honestly say that I am getting sign ups everyday.   The reason being is,  it only cost $1.75 to join Feeder Matrix.

 Check out Our Feeder Matrix

All I do is Recruit for my TEAM!  Loving it!  We are on the GROW!    http://www.feedermatrix.com/?ref=vickiewooden

I am so EXCITED when anyone takes me up on my offer to join my team.

I am EXCITED because I know for a FACT that my team members are making money.  Not only that but my team members who have never made money online before are making money.   I have set up training and A Simple Step by Step Daily To Do List for Feeder Matrix.    I get tickled when I see them post in our Facebook  group that they got their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, … sign ups.

Some of them extend that To Do List to the wee hours of the night. 

They get hooked on making money.  Like my friend Mel.



And they are taping into there hidden talents to boost their marketing efforts. 

Melody is the bomb at making bitscripts.  In fact, she has made some for several members of our  team members.



My friend and team member Reginald has found  his nitche in video marketing.  Now he is branding himself with a daily video.

My friend and team member Rosina has become a Master at putting Stages around videos. 

Look at what she did with one of my videos.  “How To Get $1.75 to JOIN Feeder Matrix”

 The bottomline is this.  My team is making money with, “Outside of the Box Marketing” as well as the regular Facebook, Safelist, and email marketing


BUT we kicked marketing  up a HIGHER NOTCH.   We help our team RECRUIT!

My friend Lynn Hamilton and I search our back office for  team Members who don’t have their 1st level filled and we start promoting their link.    It is AMAZING!  Once they get their 1st or 2nd sign up they shoot out the BOX!  And no longer need our help.  Then Lynn and I move on to the next one.   Then we train our team to pay it forward by doing the same thing for their downline

So that is why my team can boldly say,We help you Recruit.

Now let me say one more thing about us helping. That is just what we mean .. We will help. We won’t build your entire downline.  So don’t stretch your hand out palm up.

Come on!   Jump on board!  Everyone mentioned in this blog is on my  Explosive Team.   

***JOIN our team and you may be the subject of the next Feeder Matrix T.E.A.M Blog.

Knock! Knock!  Awesome Opportunity At the door.  Feeder Matrix

1 75 to join

Vickie Wooden

Friend me so I can add you to our group.

Facebook:   www.facebook.com/vickie.wooden



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I just love helping others. I am an MLM Mentor and Empowerment Coach.

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