Feeder Matrix Review From The Inside

Day 40 payments

The Ad said:  FEEDERMATRIX ...”Turn a measly $1.75 into $100,000!

Feedermatrix was designed with an unbeatable rate of spillover, and will prove to you how it is possible to earn up to $100,000 by investing only $1.75!”

Of course when I looked at it I was like, ” Right!”  Thinking, “How hard do I have to work for that?  Is that one where you get 30 cents per sign up per month?  I hate those.”   Sorry, but I do.    Anyway,  then a couple of Network Marketing friends of mine whom I know quite well came to me and said, “Vickie, you’ve got to take a look at this.”

Now I have heard that if you hang around 9 BROKE PEOPLE you’ll be #10.     So I run from BROKE  Folks online trying to sign me up for something they ain’t making a dime at.

And I listen to the few Motivated , Smart Action Takers.  See  my momma didn’t raise no DUMMY.  I have learned to listen to certain folks.  PLUS my experience online with these 2 guys has not lead me wrong. 

So I looked atFeeder Matrix.


The Capture Page for FeederMatrix looked simple enough.  Sorta like those made by my tech friend, James Kaucic.   The color scheme was nice.  The layout EASY to read.  Nothing Blazing or jumping out at me.   I hate those BUSY capture pages with so much you can read that  you don’t know exactly what to read.

The description was straight to the point.  No HYPE.     The Income potential Theory was quite believable the way they explained it.

 They broke it completely down. You will see.  And ended with   POTENTIAL INCOME: $99,447

Iniitial payment to upline: ONLY $1.75

Payment systems: Paypal or SolidTrustPay

Downline structure: 4×4 forced matrix

Ad-coop: optional

Sponsorship: No sponsorship required

Refunds: NO REFUNDS policy

Product: 1 Gb of of the digital products and marketing videos


NOW, all that made sense to me BUT there was one thing I did not like.

It is the one things that can make or slow up a matrix.  In fact I think folks need to just stop saying it.  Even if it is true.  Just stop saying it cause it attracts LAZY FOLKS.

It’s this:   Sponsorship: No sponsorship required   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<  UGH!    But yesterday something AMAZING happened because of the folks didn’t move fast enough.   2 on them missed payments and those payments actually came to me.   (Catch it, Vickie!)   I don’t think they were waiting for spillover. I think they just didn’t move up fast enough.  I have seen that happen in other Matrixes as well.  It always brings that song to mind that goes like this, “No Stopping Baby!  No Stopping’ on the dance floor!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!”    Ha! Ha! 

This System is on SLAM!  Ain’t NOTHING and No Body gonna stop this Flow!  I Love it!  Ha! Ha!   Because in a fast growing Matrix like Feeder Matrix you have to move Fast, or catchup.  This is for folks ready to make some REAL Money FAST!  I love it!  A marketer once asked me if I wanted to make a little money or alot of money.  Of course my answer was, “A lot of Money.”  He then ask if I wanted to make it fast or slow?”  Duhhhh!   I want it coming just like the money is coming in FeederMatrix. FAST!

The FeederMatrix Overview explain exactly what is involved.

Top quality products.

  • 100% of the profits to keep for yourself, delivered straight into your  Paypal or Solidtrustpay accounts.
  • A completely automated system that processes your orders for you, and sends 100% of the sale direct to your payment processor  in real-time.
  • The ability to generate huge profits by investing a ridiculous amount.
  • A system so technologically advanced, that you don’t need to know any technical jargon or install scripts or do anything that you’re unsure of. 
  • It’s all completely done for you and is entirely hands-free!
  • Everything is taken care of for you and all you need to do is promote your site. 
  • We handle everything, so you can rest assured that you get your money.
  • Promo material that makes it as simple as cut and paste

So I thought hummm…  For  A measly $1.75 I can check this out.   And I did.  3 days in and I had money coming at me so fast I needed A Catcher’s Mitt.  This downline  growing daily and that is  A  Great Feeling!

Feedermatrix was designed to help you make money to feed your other programs or pay your bills and change you lifestyle.

So now my Ad says:      Turn a measly $1.75 into $100,000!
Feedermatrix was designed to MOVE FAST!   ACTION TAKERS WANTED, and we will prove to you how it is possible to earn up to $100,000 by investing only $1.75! Yesterday I had money coming at me so fast it was unbelievable.  WHAT A FEELING!

Click Link Below For Complete Details:

    A Measly $1.75 gives you a chance to see for yourself.    Listen to me, like my favorite Preacher, Charles Stanley says,  I repeat….  “Listen to me.  Click here and  Join the Feedermatrix.  It is worth way more than A Measley $1.75.”

SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!   The Income Potential is Mission Possible

Day 75

YEAH!  $100K   Very POSSIBLE!

Vickie Wooden MLM Mentor, Success Coach, and Master Blogger




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I just love helping others. I am an MLM Mentor and Empowerment Coach.

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10 comments on “Feeder Matrix Review From The Inside
  1. Clayton says:

    What countries can join this program?


    Hi Vicki, how are you doing with the matrix? Chris uk s yorks

  3. David says:

    Hey Vickie,

    If I join, it would be smart to join a team that is very active, so there is more spillover.

    Do you have lots of activity and spillover and should I join you?


  4. Vickie: As a fellow IBO Team member, I have to say I shall see what this program is all about. Lynn Hamilton asked me to join his team, so althoughtI may do so, I would nonetheless still love to stay in touch with you thru IBO and your 2am website… God bless… PS: Youe FB page is awesome too. Courtenay Patick OConnell

  5. Brad says:

    I have been promoting this site every where te’s ad boards. safelist. and nothing. make money on spill over. yea right. havent seen a dime. I even have asked friends to join. nothing.

    • vickiewooden says:

      WOW! Brad, I read you post on my blog. Well that doesn’t sound good at all.
      I don’t understand how I can get 500+ people in my matrix and you haven’t gotten any?

      This is what I do:

      Blog on 3 sites
      Videos on several sites
      Twitter tweats
      IBO Toolbox
      Cash In On Banners (Banner ads)
      EarnEarnEarn Banner Ads
      EarnEarn Banners Ads
      Google plus
      Fiverr GIGS
      at least
      And I get on a training calls 3 times a week learning how to market.

      And anyone who has ever been in business with me I went to.
      I am EXCITED and Confident.
      Why you haven’t gotten anyone…. hummmmmm …I don’t know.

      How did you do in your last program?

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