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Are your Associations Mutually Beneficial and Productive

Question:  Are the relationships that you work so hard day in and day out to cultivate really worth the massive time and effort that you put into them?

(something to seriously consider)……

You see, most of us daily strive to develop these marketing relationships that we hope will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship that will lead to the sharing and support of one another’s business activities.

Wise marketers realize that supporting and being open to the mutual exchange of ideas, techniques and strategies, as well as acknowledgment of others successes, is a highly powerful way to develop relationships that could in turn help our own business to expand and flourish.

Another Question: How do you see yourself, as pertaining to the end game in your business pursuits and goals?

(are you simply involved in a Hobby OR are you truly a Entrepreneur)…..


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You see, when you say that you’re a Entrepreneur, you’re actually saying that you’re in the business of connecting and associating with other like-minded people in the pursuit of a common goal. That goal being to escape the unfulfilling reality of living that dreaded 9-5 existence, that robotic routine of, going to the same place every single day, going home, sleeping and the next day repeating the exact same thing.


You’re actually determining in your heart to NOT be of that class of worker anymore, you have BIGGER aspirations and goals.

Hold on>>> Here’s The Rub>>>

In order to accomplish those highly desirable goals, something is required>>>


Building Mutually Beneficial and Supportive Relationships With Others Who Think Like you Do>>>


This is absolutely mandatory in order to fully fulfill that inescapable inner desire that is inside of each and every one of us BORN TO BE ENTREPRENEURS….

You see being an entrepreneur is something that only a few special people in this world are born with. I truly believe that people of this sort are unable to excape this urge to accomplish and be free of the regular existence that the majority of the population is destined to live…..


Ask yourself, why are you trying so hard to make your OWN way, make your OWN money, work your OWN schedule, take vacations when YOU want, come and go as YOU please…..


You’re Born To Be An Entrepreneur…..

In conclusion, being that you’re destined to be of this sort, accept that others like you are out there in the wide population of mankind searching for that mutually beneficial and productive association with you that can make this walk of Entrepreneurial Living worthwhile and enjoyable for all of us of this fold….



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